Brickell Karate has been serving the community since 2002. Our job is to reinforce the job parents do at home thru Karate-do and help your child work their mind and body. Expecting improvement in focus, self-esteem, and concentration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. At what age can children start?

    • We have students start as young as 3 years old!

  2. What should I wear?

    • We train in a “gi” (karate uniform) because it gives the class the tone of seriousness it should project, but for the first lesson you can wear comfortable loose fitting clothing and be prepared to train in bare feet.

  3. Will karate teach my child how to be aggressive?

    • No. Children learn respect, common sense and discipline first, in turn kids that were not aggressive become more respectful and the kids with behavioral problem learn self-control.

  4. How many days a week can my child train?

    • We recommend twice a week, but your child can train up to three times a week.

  5. Does your membership require an annual contract?

    • No it’s not a requirement but we do offer annual packages as well as month to month packages.